Sales are the lifeblood for any business endeavor.

Waiting to be rescued by the Financial Cavalry is equivalent to counting on the Tooth Fairy to pay your kid’s college tuition. It’s not going to happen. In business your financial savior is sales. And in network marketing, sales begin with you.

Look at the most successful companies in your community. Chances are, products or services are being sold. What good does it do to buy a business license, hang a sign, and pay for advertising, if nobody follows up with the customer to make a sale? Like it or not, sales are the lifeblood to any profit oriented business venture. If you believe meeting customers, demonstrating the product, and writing orders are beneath you, then you better stick with your day job. Network marketing is not for you.

It has been said that you only grow up when you accept that nobody is coming to your financial rescue. Unless you’re content with the prospect of a paltry social security check as your sole source of income, then your financial future is in your hands. You do not have to accept the government’s version of your future. You can change things right now, by making a sale.

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